For the implementation of projects, AKATT has developed considerable knowhow in specialized fields:

  • PLC, Data Logger
  • Motor Speed Control
  • Industrial Networks
  • Wireless, Wired Communication Networks
  • Measurement and Data Logging Sensors
  • GIS (Geographical Information Systems)
  • Water Supply and Sanitation Networks Simulation

The knowhow of the company is in constant enrichment. For this purpose AKATT has developed a very significant research activity, participating in several research projects such as PAVE, EPETII and PLATON, in collaboration with Greek and European Universities.

The main reference point for all AKATT's activities is reliability and high quality service, regardless of cost.

At the same time, a significant competitive advantage of AKATT is its ability to offer specialized and fully integrated services.

Experience has taught us that customers are not looking for a theoretical approach towards their issues, but for practical, instantly applicable solutions. This is exactly what we do. Our clients, the projects which have been successfully completed and the personnel of AKATT can all guarantee this.


251 Ag. Dimitriou Str., Ag. Dimitrios - ATHENS, 173 42
Tel: 210 - 95 81101, 151 | Fax: 210 - 95 36246
E-mail: info[at]akatt.gr
GEMI: 124186701000
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